Product Design

New web app design to transform the process between hospitals, translation agencies, and freelancers.

The Problem

Hospitals receive patients with multiple languages on a daily basis and hospital translation services can be critically important. A mistranslation in medical subject matter can be a matter of life and death.Hospitals interpretation and translations services aren’t new but the way communication between facilities, agencies, and service providers work is still not efficient.

My Role

When Gopi (Lingvista founder) approached me, he had a great idea for the product already. I was responsible for the creation of user stories, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, and interface design. Once the product design was completed, I was also responsible for the design and development of the landing page.

User Flows

To better understand the problem and the users, we started by doing user research and interviews. Based on the valuable information we gathered from the research, we created the app user flows.


Based on the user stories and flows, we had enough information to start working on the wireframes. Every time we had a flow completed, we would make a quick prototype and test it with real users to make sure it worked the way they expected it.

Example of a low-fidelity wireframes prototype.

User Testing

User testing was crucial because neither of us (me and Gopi) are interpreters or translators, so in order to make sure we were designing the right solution, we needed to constantly test with the target users.

Interface Design

For the interface design phase, we kept in mind two main user personas characteristics that we found on our initial research: non-tech savvy, and middle age. Just by focusing on those two characteristics, allowed us to make the app much more accessible and easy to use.

Service requests list
Freelancer profile

High-Fidelity Prototype

Prototypes is a great way to test the product before any development work starts so once all screens were designed, we created a clickable prototype and tested it again. This prototype is also shared with the development team so they can have a better understanding not only of how things look but also how things work.

Landing Page Design and Development

Once the product design phase was completed, I had the opportunity to design and develop the product landing page.Since Lingvista product is still under development, we didn’t had many marketing material to work with (customer testimonials, customer stories, or big-name brand customers logos) so we focused on presenting the product (value and features) and allow the visitor to show interest so someone from Lingvista can reach out to them and schedule a demo. This “hands-on” approach will help prospects visualize how they’d be able to use the software in their own companies, which can be a crucial deal-maker and help close sales.

Part of the explorations of the hero section
Client Feedback

“His attention to detail, diligence is exactly what a designer should have and he exhibits all those qualities every day.”

"Diogo works on only one project at a time, takes time to understand the requirements, follows it through and makes sure he is delivering a quality product. His attention to detail, diligence is exactly what a designer should have and he exhibits all those qualities every day."

Gopi Sukhavasi, Founder at Lingvista

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