Product design

Improved onboarding experience, lifecycle email strategy, and interface design.

The Problem

Hospitals receive patients with multiple languages on a daily basis and hospital translation services can be critically important. A mistranslation in medical subject matter can be a matter of life and death.
Hospitals interpretation and translations services aren’t new but the way communication between facilities, agencies, and service providers work is still not efficient.

My Role

When Gopi (Lingvista founder) approached me, he had a great idea for the product already. I was responsible for the creation of user stories, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, and interface design. Once the product design was completed, I was also responsible for the design and development of the landing page.

User Flows

When Sten approached me, one of his main concerns was the conversion rate from signing up to create a project.The first step was to do an audit of the sign up and email flows which allowed me see how clear the value proposition was being explained to the users. At the end, it allowed me to find some opportunities to improve both sign up and lifecycle email strategy to improve conversion rate.

Some sketches while trying to find the best user flows
Sign up flow
Lifecycle email strategy


We started designing a low version of the wireframes to discuss the app structure and define the best way to onboard users while making them to create a project, connect apps to get data from, and add team members.

Dashboard onboarding flow
Sign up flow wireframes

Interface Design

Before our engagement, Squadlytics interface looked very simple and they lacked content hierarchy and data styling.
We designed the app interface having in mind Squadlytics basic brand guidelines.

Squadlytics interface before we started our engagement
Project dashboard
Project settings
Multiple explorations of the app top navigation

Lifecycle email strategy

Once the flow for the email strategy was created, we designed some email templates.

Project dashboard

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